Faculty Positions Available at College of Nuclear Science

Faculty Positions Available
National Tsing Hua University/College of Nuclear Science

With good tradition and shining history, the College of Nuclear Science is a unit featuring interdisciplinary teaching and research in engineering and science with two departments : Department of Engineering and System Science (ESS), and Department of Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences (BMES). Currently, we have a few teaching positions available on and above the level of assistant professor. Outstanding scholars and specialists in the following fields with dreams and drive are cordially invited to join our team.

(1) ESS
(A). Nano-Technology: Nano-materials, Nano-electronics, nano measurement specialized in in-situ measurements and analysis, nanophysics simulation, nano system design and integration.
(B) Nano-Bio-MEMS: Biochemistry, nano/micro bio-medical engineering, nano/micro biomechanics, nano/micro fluidics, or microelectronics processing and circuit design for bio-medical systems.
(C). Plasma science and engineering: plasma chemistry, plasma photon source, plasma applications.
(D). Energy engineering and systems: nuclear engineering and radiation science, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, advanced energy systems.

(2) BMES
(A) Molecular Biophotonics (Gene chip and biomedical applications- biomedical background, nanobiotechnology- single molecule manipulation, Molecular imaging- pharmaceutics and therapy)
(B) Environmental Molecular Science (Nano/Microanalysis, Fate and transport of contaminants, and Biological response to environmental contaminants)
(C) Medical Physics and Engineering (Radiotherapy physics, Diagnostic Radiological Imaging Physics, Nuclear Medicine and Health Physics.

The applicant must indicate the specific department that he or she is applying for, and provide a personal resume, a description of current academic research and future plans, and any other helpful information. Please send all the materials to
College of Nuclear Science
Tsing-Hua University,
101, sec.2, Kuang Fu Road Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
no later than October 1, 2006. Or else send it in before February 1, 2007 for the next round. (On the envelope, please indicate that you are applying for the faculty position)
After the preliminary review, the candidates may be asked to provide three recommendation letters (one of which has to come from the thesis advisor if you are applying for assistant professorship) each. Should you have any question please reach us by the email: nuclear@my.nthu.edu.tw,
or through the internet: http://www.ess.nthu.edu.tw/~college/