ESS2250 Electronics II, 電子學二

Course Description:

Having learned the major electronics devices (MOSFET and BJT) and their basic circuit applications in Electronics-I, more complex analog circuits and systems will be lectured in this course. Both MOSFET and BJT circuits will be studied and the emphasis will be put on MOSFET since it is used in most integrated circuit.


在電子學(一) 研讀過主要的電子元件(MOS 與BJT 電晶體) 及其於電路中之基本應用後,本課程將更深入討論較為複雜之類比電路與系統。應用MOS 與BJT 電晶體的電路均是討論的範圍,不過因為MOS 電晶體在積體電路之主流地位,故將特別強調在MOS 電晶體之應用。