ESS3410 Heat Transfer Lab.,熱流學實驗

Course Description:

The course is focus on two parts which are flow measurement and heat transfer measurement. For the first part, the basic flow theory as well as the experiment are studied such as the flow rate, flow pattern by PIV, fan curve, heat sink resistance measurement etc., For the second part include the experiment of the heat condition law, heat convection law, humidity measurement, radiation effects, thermal resistance and K measurement. Another electronics cooling measurement skill are also studied such as heat pipe, CPL etc.



1. 乾濕溫度及空氣線原理
2. 熱擴散與熱對流
3. 表面熱傳導
4. 散熱與熱傳
5. 熱阻值與K值
6. CPL與Heat Pipe原理及量測
7. 黑體輻射效應原理及量測
8. 流場與流線
9. 風扇性能與系統阻抗
10. 軸流風扇與鰭片設計