ESS5300 Fusion Engineering, 核融合工程

Course Description:

This course introduces the fundamental theory and technology of magnetic and inertial confinement fusion,  including: the promise and feasibility of fusion, basic fusion plasma physics, plasma equilibrium and transport, the confinement concepts, plasma heating, plasma-wall interaction, magnetic, energy storage and transfer, interaction of radiation with matter, blanket and energy conversion, tritium and vacuum, fusion reactor design and inertial confinement fusion.


離子束融合及其他融合觀念,電漿特性及侷限觀念,融合反應器之設計, 真空系統, 超導體磁鐵系統及低溫設備,包容器問題, 電漿純度, 點火, 及加燃料, 熱量移除及中子問題, 環境及經濟問題。