ESS2330 Electromagnetism (I), 電磁學一

Course Description:

This course introduces the fundamental electromagnetism theory, including: Vector analysis, Electrostatics- electric field, potential and energy, Special techniques to solve Laplace's equation, Electric fields in matter, Magnetostatics and Magnetic fields in matter. This course is designed for undergraduate student, who is major on electronics, plasma physics and engineering, MEMS and nanotechnology.


本課程介紹基礎電磁學理論,內容包括:向量分析,靜電場與電位,電位分析計算之特殊方法, 物質中之靜電場,靜磁場,與物質中之靜磁場. 課程之設計,主要是針對工科系大學部擬以電 子電漿、微機電系統與奈米工程等學程為專業選修之學生.