ESS2410 Engineering Thermodynamics, 工程熱力學

Course Description:

This course is the second course of thermodynamics. The pre-required of
this course is “Thermodynamics I”. The topics covered in this course are
listed according to the text book chosen. This course is the fundamental
course for the field of Nuclear Power Plant Technology, Energy Engineering
and System, and micro electric machines engineering.

Course Outlines
Overview and Review (3 hours)
Exergy Analysis (5 hours)
Vapor Power System (8 hours)
Gas Power System (10 hours)
Refrigeration and Heat Pump System (6 hours)
Ideal Gas Mixtures and Psychrometrics Applications (8 hours)
Reacting Mixtures and Combustions (8 hours)


能量轉換與使用的限制, 動力與冷卻循環的介紹與分析, 混合物化學反應能量分析, 燃燒程序之簡易分析. 本課程大部分內容與 92, 93 學年度之熱力學一重複, 不建議 92, 93學年度熱力學一修過的同學再修此課.