ESS5410 Nuclear Reactor Engineering, 反應器工程

Course Description:

This course include interactions of nuclear radiation with matter , neutron physics , reactor kinetics , thermal hydraulics ,

two phase flow and heat transfer , etc. Nuclear engineers with a strong capability in both classic engineering and reactor

physics will produce the technological improvements necessary to insure a continuation in the growth of the use of nuclear energy.

Course contents : Description of nuclear Reactors ; Thermodynamics of Nuclear power plants ; Fluid Flow concepts ; Fluid System

Analysis ; Heat Generation in Nuclear Reactors ; Heat Transfer in Nuclear power System ; Reactor Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis ;

Stress Analysis in Nuclear Reactor Systems.



反應器工程是核能工程師必修的專業工程知識 , 有了此知識 , 再配合核電廠專業訓練 , 才能造就一位專業知識深入 ,