ESS4540 Principles and Applications of Fuel Cells, 燃料電池原理與應用

Course Description:

This course covers a brief history of fuel cell development, electrode potential theory, principles of an electrochemical cell, types of fuel cells and their operation principles and practical applications. Finally, current problems residing in mass production of fuel cells will be discussed. The course is aimed at providing students with both basic and advanced knowledge with regard to the physical and electrochemical details of various fuel cells. It is expected that students would be able to easily engage in fuel cell related research and development both in advanced study or future work after this course.


本課程涵蓋燃料電池領域之歷史發展、電極電位理論、電池原理、燃料電池種類、 各類型燃料電池之工作原理與應用範圍、燃料電池之發展瓶頸與現況、以及燃料電 池應用等主題,自淺而深提供學生有關燃料電池原理與技術的基礎知識、進階理論 與應用領域,使學生具備基本但完整的燃料電池知識,並能於未來的進修或工作中 加以應用。