ESS4230 Semiconductor Processing, 半導體製程

Course Description:

This course lectures on fundamentals of semiconductor processing technology. Students could learn from this course the history of semiconductor industry, types of equipment, operation principle for each processing step, as well as some basic but important concepts regarding the manufacturing of semiconductor devices and ICs. Outline of the course is:
• Introduction of IC Fabrication
• Semiconductor Basics
• Wafer Manufacturing and Epitaxy
• Thermal Processes
• Photolithography
• Plasma Basics
• Ion Implantation
• Etch
• CVD and Dielectric Thin Film
• Metallization
• Process Integration


• 積體電路技術簡介
• 基礎半導體元件物理
• 晶圓材料製造與磊晶製程
• 熱製程
• 微影製程
• 電漿
• 離子佈植製程
• 蝕刻製程
• 化學氣相沉積製程與介電層薄膜
• 金屬化製程
• 製程整合