ESS4030 Nuclear Radiation Detection & Measurement Laboratory, 核輻射度量實驗

Course Description:

This radiation measurement labortory is to go with ESS4050-The course of radiation detection and measurement. Its goal is to allow students to put their hands on many types of radiation detectors for practical training. The experiments including: the understanding of nuclear electronic modules, oscilliscope, preamplifiers and amplifiers, the discriminator, the multichannel analyzers, the counting statistics and error propagations. The detectors include the Geiger-Mueller counter, the NaI(Tl) scintillation counter, the surface barrier detector, the neutron proportional counter, the high purity germanium detectors for gamma ray spectroscopy, and Si pin diode for X-ray fluorescence analysis. In addition, a visit and operation of the Tsing Hua open pool nuclear reactor and take a neutron activation analysis data.



本實驗課的目的為配合ESS 405000光子與粒子度量原理授課內容,訓練學生熟悉各種輻射偵檢系統,進行量測學習。輻射量測實驗包括:輻射量測基本電子設備、計數統計, 誤差傳遞, 示波器, 放大器, 鑑別器, 以及多頻道脈高分析儀等.偵檢器包括蓋格-米勒(GM)計數器特性與計數統計、NaI(Tl)碘化鈉閃爍偵檢系統與加馬能譜、二極半導體偵檢器, 氣體中子比例偵檢器與阿伐及貝他粒子能譜、純鍺偵檢器(HPGe)與高解析加馬能譜, X-光螢光分析等基本偵檢器的操作與量測技巧。此外並增加反應器實驗,讓學生實際至清華水池式反應器進行演練,以瞭解核子反應器的運作及特性以及活化分析技巧。