ESS4500 Mechanical Properties of Materials, 材料機械性質

Course Description:

Fundamentals of plastic deformation of crystalline solids; elementary theory of dislocations; applications to deformation of single crystals and polycrystals; strengthening mechanisms; fracture and fracture mechanics; creep and fatigue.

1. Tensile Response of Materials
2. Elements of Dislocation Theory
3. Slip and Twinning in Crystalline Solids
4. Strengthening Mechanisms in Metals
5. Fracture
6. Elements of Fracture Mechanics
7. Mechanical Tests (tension, hardness, impact)
8. Fatigue
9. Creep


晶形材料塑性變形之基本原理;差排理論;單晶與多晶之塑性變形;材料強化機制;材料斷裂與破裂力學;材料潛變與疲勞。本課程先修課: 物理冶金()()